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May 26, 2010 at 12:04 pm (Parenting 101: Tips from the Nanny) (, , , , , , )

Okay so I have been a nanny for the last nine years and helped raise fourteen kids in that period of time. I currently have two charges, JT who is seven and his sister JO who is two. He is in first grade and she is home with me all day. This week in particular, JT has soccer games in the evening Monday and Tuesday, Karate Wednesday, and a birthday party Friday. I assumed he would be pretty tired each morning when I woke him up for school. Just as I suspected, he was a zombie Tuesday morning. When he came home from school yesterday, I asked him to read some books on his bed for about 30 minutes just to give his body some rest since he has such a busy week. Now, normally he falls asleep but yesterday he didn’t. When the timer went off after 30 minutes I went up and told him he could go play…I found this note on his bed.

JT's Note

I thought it was very honest and hilarious. This is a kid who spends his weekends planted in front of a tv or a video game and is rarely asked to do much else. So with me, he reads and plays outside and spends no time in front of a tv unless its a rainy day (even then it’s one movie a day). Here is what I wrote back to him…

Nanny's Response



  1. MaryP said,

    Oh, the poor, oppressed child! I note that he claims he had to read for “30 howers” not minutes. It must have seemed like for-eeeeever to him.

    • becomingme2010 said,

      HAHA Yes I knew you were joking! He amuses me with his honesty sometimes. He reads books that he likes (ie Star Wars and Captain Underpants) but I just can’t get him to see reading as a positive or fun thing instead of a chore that has to get done. He always volunteers tons of info and excitment on his video games and movies…but never what he is learning. Any ideas?

  2. MaryP said,

    (I am, of course, joking. Little monkey!)

  3. Kathi said,

    Sounds like you’re doing a great job with keeping tv and video games to a minimum. The Captain Underpants’ books are great to read with him- since I know you’re a “theatre girl,” little kids love to act out stories, and sometimes that helps get them more interested in reading!

    • becomingme2010 said,

      Aww thanks Kath! Love seeing you here hehe! I have tried getting him to “reenact” parts of the books but usually he does the video game version of knocking someones head off or shooting them :/…We have a lot to work on this summer for sure! lol

  4. MaryP said,

    Could you pick an exciting book to read to him? Read 15 minutes or so a day (up to 30 if he wants, but no more), and then… leave off at a really exciting point. Don’t TELL him he can read it if he wants, just leave it lying around, and see what happens. If he doesn’t pick it up to read, that’s okay: by reading to him, by being enthusiastic and really enjoying it for your own sake, you’re showing him reading is fun, not a chore.

    I didn’t have teach my kids to like reading. They just saw me doing it all the time, I read to them every day (right up to when they were ten or eleven), and we visited the library every week. I never chose books for them; they chose their own. I was too busy getting my books to choose theirs!

    Oh, which gives me another idea: Let him see you reading. How about if the little one’s nap time became your reading time? A book and a coffee for you, a book and a glass of milk for him, curl up someplace comfortable (inside or out), and have a half-hour reading time every day. For both of you. (So YES! You get to read on the job!! You’re not slacking off, you’re MODELLING good habits. And you get to read! Yay!)

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